10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your SaaS Application Support

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What is SaaS?

Software as a Service(SaaS) is one of the most dominant services in the field of cloud computing. The present decade has seen an exponential increase in these services. SaaS is used for many applications like messaging, accounting, business processing, big data analysis, etc. To put it simply, even an application running on a smartphone is in itself a SaaS product!.

In SaaS, a software vendor hosts his/her applications via the internet and other cloud-based services. In this time of a global pandemic, life would be almost impossible without cloud-based services, which enable a person to interact from anywhere with anyone using a device that has an internet connection.

Apart from SaaS, there are other cloud-based services like Platform as a Software (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service( IaaS), etc. SaaS, unlike PaaS and Infrastructure as a Service IaaS, occupies a big chunk of cloud-based services.

benefits of outsourced saas customer support

Outsourcing and its Importance

Outsourced support providers for SaaS are the ones that provide service to the customers or the public on behalf of another organization. Outsourcing is done when an organization wants to provide better service to a larger group within a particular time frame.

Outsourcing can help an organization in several ways like saving resources, cutting down expenditure, reduce hiring, expand the customer footprint, enhance connectivity, capture and retain the market, use the best in class practices, gain better access to expertise workforce, etc.

Organizations offering cloud services can consider outsourcing some of their secondary functionalities like Customer Support Service to third parties. It can also take pressure off from the teams and the organization in general and thereby improve their services.

The quality of customer support service decides whether the organization thrives. A SaaS company can outsource its customer support services, especially if the company is in its infant stage.

Benefits of Outsourced Customer Support Service

1)Meeting Market demands for the Product

If a company wants to stand up to its peers, especially if it is in its infant stage, it is highly recommended that the company outsource its customer services. Trained personnel in the customer service department can get to the root of the problem a customer faces and can communicate it to other teams including technical teams. This helps in meeting the customer requirements for the product. Training is a one time process here and retraining is the responsibility of the Outsourced service provider.

2)Host Company can Focus Better on Primary Functionalities

Outsourcing the customer support services enables a company to focus on its core technical SaaS functionalities. Even if the customer support services are outstanding, a lag in its core functionalities ensures that the company is doomed to fail. The company can focus on its primary operations if the customer support service is outsourced.

3)Potential Increase in Customer Base

A good customer support service ensures that not only the existing customers are retained but also adds new customers. Satisfied customers are loyal to the organization and its products. They will refer it to other people thus increasing the customer base. Its the customer base that determines whether the organization and products will thrive or not.

4) Increase in Revenue or Profit

Outsourced customer service enables the company to focus mainly on the core SaaS products and functionalities. A good customer support service can provide proper feedbacks regarding the products to the development team which helps them to improve the product and thus ensure that the product’s customer base is retained or even expanded thus increasing the organization’s revenue.

5) Better Guidance and Communication

SaaS products are usually exposed to frequent updates and upgrades. An outsourced customer support service team has better expertise in communicating with the development team and make the customers get updated with the latest changes in the products. It is the customer support service team that has the best access to customers and vice versa. Making the customers aware of the latest upgrades is the sole responsibility of the customer support service team.

6)Uses Latest Best in Class Methods

Outsourced customer support services adopt the best-in-class methodologies for handling customer issues. It ensures that customer support does not remain confined to one or two channels. Outsourced service providers will have better methods to handle customer calls, minimize call dropouts, reduce the latency, routing the call to other sections, etc.

7)Reduced Investment

A company that has just started its operations and is in the infant stages will require lower investments if they outsource their customer support services to a third party. This enables the organization to save expenses on new recruits and their training. This also enables the development team as well as the company to focus on the development side of the product.


A good customer support service team is scalable. They can communicate the market and customer requirements to the development team, thus the development team can also be made scalable depending on the requirements of the product. The team can be scaled down if the requirement is less. Training is a one time process here and retraining is the responsibility of the Outsourced service provider.

9) Better Comprehending of Issues

If a company has its operations in several locations with different native language speaking populations, it would be recommended for the company to offer its customer services in native languages also, as a large subscription of the customer base may find it easier to address their issues in the native language. The customer recommendations can be incorporated in the subsequent release of the product.

10)Better Coverage

If a company has its offices spread across several locations, it is recommended that the company outsource its customer support service. Depending on the demographic spread, the customers may have a different perspective with regards to the products they wish to use.

If each of these offices in these locations outsources their customer services, it can result in better correspondence between the customer services team and other core technical teams. It can also enable the company to better address customer issues and can include their perspectives in the design of products.

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