Customer Support Trends in SaaS Industry 2021

3 min readOct 13, 2021

Rohith Sk

The software as a Service(SaaS) industry continues to grow and flourish. It has seen a big boom in the present pandemic period. A part of this boom can be attributed to the best customer support practices that are available currently than was the case a few years ago. SaaS as opposed to PaaS and IaaS occupies a major chunk of cloud-based services as SaaS requires lesser infrastructure in terms of space requirements. It is SaaS that is behind our everyday routine activities like messaging, accounting, business processing, big data analysis, etc. Even an application running on a smartphone is in itself a SaaS product!. In SaaS, a software vendor hosts his/her applications via the internet and other cloud-based services.

Top SaaS Customer Suport Trends

1) Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Nowadays, it is unimaginable to think about the customer support team maintaining a set of registers or files, tracing out the name, phone number, address of customers. The past few years have seen a tremendous revolutionization in the fields of customer support thanks to AI-based Machine Learning(ML) and Deep Learning(DL). AI-enabled systems can automatically trace out customers and address their concerns without requiring any manual intervention. Tier 1 customer support has almost been undertaken by AI-based chatbots. AI-based systems have Natural language Processing Capabilities(NLP) that can address customers irrespective of their nativity. These systems are highly foolproof and are beyond the reach of cyber attackers and hackers.

2)Personalized Interactions

Customers should feel that they are an indispensable part and parcel of the company. Latest technologies have enabled enterprises to know the whereabouts of any person living on earth!. Personalization can indeed make the customers feel that you are genuinely interested in them. Live chat support is one of the best tools that can be used to provide a two-way communication mechanism between the customer and the customer service agent. Live chat support provides the best mechanism for the customer team to identify the customer concerns, expectations and then communicate them with the core development team. Personalized interactions can include personally greeting the customers on their birthday, congratulating them for a good cause, etc.

3)Self-Service Support

A respectable share of your customers will like to utilize self-help resources rather than personally reaching out to a customer agent. Your customer support should provide Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) services. These usually include the most generic and frequently asked queries. FAQ pages related to a software application include guidance as to how the software is installed, supported operating systems(os), etc.

4)Video Call Support

A video call-based support is the best personalized outreach mechanism. It can instill a feeling of personal respect for the end-user. It also helps in better addressing the concern and timely redressal of the issue. Such a mechanism helps in consolidating your existing customer base. It will also attract new customers.

5)Omni Channel Support

Imagine you have multiple social media-based platform support and you are unable to reach out to customers who are using different social media platforms each time they reach out. It can be disastrous to imagine a situation like that. That’s where omnichannel-based support comes to your rescue. It enables better tracking of customer queries irrespective of whether they are using the same support platforms or switching between support platforms. Omnichannel support enables the customer service team to have better access to the previous communication history of a customer.

Customer service is the lifeline of any enterprise. Customer service methodologies are expected to get revolutionized in the upcoming years as technologies like AI, ML, etc are likely to dominate the market. But relying too much on these new generation technologies can hamper your ‘personalization mechanism’ that customers would most often expect.

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