DevOps Business Benefits

4 min readDec 27, 2022


What is DevOps?

The term DevOps was coined by Patrick Debois in 2009. It includes a set of practices that integrates development and IT operations. It is the right combination of people, processes, systems, tools, and technologies to provide better and enhanced value to the customers.

DevOps eliminates the conventional siloed teams and processes and paves the way for better collaboration among the teams to develop quality products and services. of DevOps is more of a culture or a strategy rather than a technology.

A DevOps culture enables teams to swiftly respond to ever-changing customer needs and deliver products and services that enhance overall customer value. A DevOps strategy can be viewed in terms of steps like planning, building, testing, delivering, and deployment. The development team and the stakeholders often discuss the project with a perspective about the end user expectations. The team develops the software or the product based on the end-user requirements and deploys them.

1) Breaks Silos and Promotes Collaboration
Better communication and collaboration are one of the core principles of the DevOps culture. DevOps eliminates communication barriers and enables better transparency among the teams. It breaks the traditional concept of teams based on silos and conceptualizes the formation of cross-functional teams.
DevOps emphasizes cooperation from all the stakeholders. This ensures that the team as a whole is collectively responsible for the operations and development cycle. This eliminates finger-pointing, and scapegoatism, thus enabling better trust and confidence among the teams.

2) Increased efficiencies
DevOps culture has automation at the core of its heart. DevOps services involve automating the processes to handle variable workloads and requirements, minimize bugs and errors, etc. Organizations and teams that still rely on conventional development strategies like the Waterfall model incur higher Operating Expenses (OPEX). DevOps practices ensure Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) that lets the development teams deliver results quickly and in a time-bound manner.

3) Faster Development
DevOps enables businesses to deploy applications, processes, and systems at a much more rapid pace thus making your development cycle to become faster. Since DevOps culture emphasizes shared collaboration, the whole development and deployment cycle proceeds at a fast pace. Also, DevOps automation tools ensure that error-prone and repetitive tasks do not require manual intervention.

The automation process and CI/CD practices indeed make your Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) become faster and thus increasing the overall business efficiency, productivity, and enabling a greater Return on Investments (ROI).

4) Identifying and Solve Problems
DevOps practices can empower businesses to identify problems and solve them quickly. Being unable to track or identify a problem can aggravate the whole development cycle as problems keep on accumulating and finally goes beyond your control. The 2018 State of DevOps Report reveals that enterprises that have adopted DevOps spend 21% less time on unnecessary reworks.

The 2018 State of DevOps Report contends that companies that have embraced DevOps spend 21% less time on unnecessary rework and 44% more time on new work than The use of monitoring and logging tools enables teams to track the performance of applications and services so that they can react swiftly to the problems. DevOps helps the development team to identify the problems and get them nipped in the bud. This enables you to save time, money, and energy.

5) Reduced Recovery Time
Embracing DevOps practices can enable an organization to minimize rollbacks, bottlenecks, etc. DevOps enable teams to develop codes that are resilient to code failures. The teams develop applications that are error-prone thus resulting in improved productivity.

This enables shorter development cycles, ensuring that newer and updated versions are released. Many of the manual and legacy processes which are often repetitive and error-prone could be automated thus ensuring lower latency.

6) Cost Savings
Having a comprehensive DevOps strategy enables you to save the costs of maintenance thereby eliminating unnecessary capital requirements and budget overruns.

It can increase the profitability and productivity of a business by automating the releases and thus ensuring not only faster releases but also reducing the manpower or human resource requirements. DevOps practices enable you to cut down the This enables you to cut down the production costs and other overheads that are associated with product development.

7) Scalability
As far as businesses are concerned, scalability enables them to adapt themselves to the ever-changing business requirements. The better the ability of a business to scale, the more its potential to grow.

Scalability can enable enterprises to configure the development process and expand and scale down based on the requirements. DevOps enables you to scale your infrastructure and development processes. Complex and changing systems can be easily managed by using automation. Infrastructure as a code helps in the efficient management of development, testing and production environments.

DevOps is a change that has to be embraced. It’s a one-stop solution that can offer you a host of benefits and thus helps a business to save time and money while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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