How to Broach DevOps technology?

DevOps Consulting services

Before you start ?

Always know what you’re preparing to speak about and never start without having an end in your mind. Read a bit about how SMEs and larger enterprises handle their applications and code deployment, so you have plenty of data on how others did it, before you start the conversation. The reading should be around case studies, rather than the subject itself. The simple reason you should read case studies rather than the technology itself is because “Stories sell better”.

Where to start ?

The conversation should always be about “You” and not about “Me”. You can start by asking questions about the applications and the infrastructure that the listener has. Try to understand the way they have deployed each of their workloads and how they access it currently.

What to understand from the conversations?

The overall picture you should make out is not just the application, but how the regular updates are done, the number of people that work on the development simultaneously, and how they make sure their code deployments are in place, in good shape and quality.

What next ?

The conversation starter is super critical here. You can start by saying, “Hey! I know a company who had a similar application just like yours and what they did is …….” .

Well!!! That’s a start, right ?

This is where it clicks… If you are a techie, you may dive deeper into the tech stack. However, the person on the receiving end may not be as technical as you are, so I would prefer to keep it low profile, so you have a fruitful conversation rather than an overloaded one.

Authored By : Samjad Mooppan



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