What are the benefits of automation in DevOps?

4 min readMay 31, 2023


benefits of DevOps automation services

DevOps strategy emphasizes delivering high-quality services that are characterized by high business value. It emphasizes bringing together the development and operations teams. Such a strategy facilitates the easier manifestation of ideas from the development stage to the production phase.

DevOps automation includes the deployment of technologies to eliminate the need for human intervention required with all the manual and repetitive processes.

Automation enables teams to accelerate the software development process and facilitates operations based on continuous integration, continuous delivery and deployment, and continuous testing.

Disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are used for automating several operations.

According to a 2020 Developer Survey conducted by Stack Overflow, about 80 percent of the respondents opined that DevOps is at least somewhat important.

As per the fifth annual DevSecOps survey by GitLab, about 25 percent of the developers are using full test automation and about 28 percent are halfway to full automation.

In short, it can be said that DevOps facilitates the automation of each of those activities, whichever are repeating and automatable that ultimately lead to enhanced accuracy.

DevOps Automation tools

There are several tools available in the market that facilitate end-to-end automation of the software development process. These tools can be open source or may require royalties and hence may be licensed.

Some of these tools include Chef, Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, etc. Selection of the right tool is indeed an essential requirement as far as ensuring the success of the development process is concerned. Some of the most commonly automated processes are software testing, log management, continuous monitoring, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. In fact, automation solutions can be deployed for all the operations that are related to the entire development pipeline.

Benefits of Automation in DevOps

1) Automation for Faster Marketing

DevOps practices can streamline the process of software development thus making the overall process more productive and flexible. Automation solutions can enable teams to get around the errors easily without the need to spend their time on manual and error-prone sections and thus add better value to the business.

2) Easier Rectification

Statistics reveal that the DevOps team spends less amount of time on errors and bugs as compared to those teams that rely on traditional development methodologies. DevOps strategies can enable teams to direct their energy and time for those activities that enable them to meet their business needs. DevOps strategy can not only help teams to market their products faster but also create error-free applications that can satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers.

3) Easier Scalability

Automating the software development process can help DevOps teams to scale the processes according to their business requirements. The scaling of manual operations is indeed a daunting task. Enterprises can configure the systems in a way that promotes better consumption of resources by scaling up the system.

How does DevOps enable better scalability?

The crux of DevOps culture itself is the combination of people, processes, and technologies. By stressing better collaboration and communication, DevOps enables team members to communicate amongst themselves and scale themselves according to the needs of the business.

4) Customer Experience

Any untimely delay in responding to customer needs is bound to have disastrous consequences on the further prospects of a brand. Automation solutions, by speeding up the development process facilitate easier marketing of error-free applications to the customers.

Also, automated test solutions can enable DevOps teams to easily spot defects and facilitate faster rectification. Flawless applications not only bring down downtime but also ensure better satisfaction of the customers. DevOps culture imbibes the agility that a business needs in order to respond to the changing requirements and expectations of the customer.

5) Speed

Automation facilitates testing teams to eliminate the delays associated with a process and ensure faster delivery. According to a study conducted by Enterprise Management Associates, enterprises that enhanced software delivery by ten percent or more are 2.5 times more likely to have double-digit revenue growth. Deploying automation solutions for software development can serve as a standard template that helps teams to monitor the speed of delivery.


DevOps automation service is the use of technologies to perform operations by getting around the need with the amount of human assistance required. Automation enables teams to improve their speed, efficiency, productivity, and reliability thus enabling them to increase the number of deliveries.

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Authored By: Rohith Krishnan

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