Why Cloud Migration is Essential for the Workplace of the Future

4 min readAug 21, 2023

Cloud migration is the process of migrating all the applications, data, and workloads from on-premises storage or a cloud platform to another cloud platform. The breakneck growth of digital and other disruptive technologies accompanied by the prevalence of new work environments based on remote and hybrid models has further stressed the necessity of cloud migration. A reluctance to adopt a technology like the cloud, which is often perceived as a precursor to digital transformation, can adversely impact the future prospects of a business.

Let us now see why the cloud is essential for the workplace of the future.

Why is the Cloud the Workplace of the Future?

1) Remote Work

Cloud facilitates remote working solutions. Remote working can facilitate collaboration between employees no matter where they are. New-generation IT enterprises may completely do away with the concept of maintaining a physical office workspace.

Apart from doing away with the need to commute between the home and the workplace, remote work practices also enable better work-life balance for the employees. Companies can exploit the possibilities of remote work capabilities to leverage better economic benefits.

They need not worry about the hassles of managing the office spaces, as well as investing in exclusive workplace equipment for the employees.

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2) Better Collaboration

Cloud solutions can enable companies to leverage communication technologies like hosted PBX, voice over IP (VoIP), and unified communication as a service (UCaaS).

Mobile cloud computing has evolved to such a scale that employees can access official work databases and proprietary applications from portable devices such as tablets or smartphones. Teams can exploit such cloud capabilities to collaborate on long-term projects that are spanned across multiple phases.

This can also help in creating better accountability as teams could be delegated responsibility for the different project phases.

3) Better Access to Talent Pool

Enterprises can recruit better talents as they have wider access to the talent pool. This is due to the fact that the employees need not be based on a particular geography and do not have to physically report to the office.

Remotely located teams also enable enterprises to do away with the need to hire full-time human resources. This can be very crucial as far as small enterprises are concerned. According to the fifth annual ‘State of Remote Work’, by Owl Labs and Global Workspace Analytics, about half of the survey respondents are ready to have a pay cut for remote work. Thus companies whether small or large can leverage the services of the best talents.

4) Lower the Expenditures

Adopting a cloud strategy for the workplace can enable organizations to cut down on the total cost of ownership. Organizations need not worry about managing large office spaces nor do they have to invest much in procuring devices, equipment, and other costly infrastructure for their employees.

Cloud computing can enable enterprises to offset the hefty capital expenditures or CAPEX that are associated with conventional data center management. Cloud capabilities can help enterprises to leverage on-demand resource capabilities based on a pay-as-you-go model. This can also enable organizations to lower the total cost of ownership.

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5) Innovate

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, what ultimately matters is to keep up pace with the latest innovations and practices that are in place in the market. This is what cloud computing can offer you. From retail, manufacturing, and banking to healthcare, the cloud has left its indelible mark on multiple services.

Cloud capabilities can help organizations to leverage the latest in-demand technologies. For instance, Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are nowadays seeing widespread adoption due to their capability to offload the amount of human intervention and also deliver timely service to customers which can enable companies to eliminate the cost overheads associated with human agents. Most of the cloud providers are now offering Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions as a service(AIaaS).

In today’s world, even inanimate objects have become smart due to the capabilities of exploiting internet connections for communication among devices. IoT refers to such capabilities in which devices communicate among themselves to better manage processes. Most of the cloud providers offer IoT services as solutions to end-users.

6) Mobility

One of the most pressing reasons for adopting a cloud workspace is mobility. Cloud computing capabilities facilitate better usage of mobile applications. This can enable the employees as well as the customers of an organization to access its applications from anywhere at any time.

Mobility facilitates easier and faster migration of workloads across the different cloud platforms as well as paves the way for better performance of the applications by facilitating load balancing. Thus mobility ensures balancing the costs and resources between the different cloud instances and enables better flexibility to adapt to market changes and technologies

7) Reduce Costs Overheads

A workspace that is based on the cloud can offload the necessity to make upfront investments. Companies need to pay for what they use only without having to bother with the maintenance and management of the underlying infrastructure. There are dedicated managed cloud service providers who can help you with the management of the cloud platforms. A legacy infrastructure cannot offer any provisions for scaling and demands regular maintenance thus resulting in additional cost overhead.

Cloud has become the default go-to workspace. Adopting such a strategy can help enterprises and businesses worldwide collaborate, innovate, and eliminate costly overheads.

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