DevOps is the hot thing that everyone in technology and the internet talks about. However, starting a conversation with someone on DevOps is an art. It requires not just an overall view of how things happen in the traditional infrastructure, but also how applications are build in modern times. This is where DevOps as a concept steps in.

DevOps Consulting services

Always know what you’re preparing to speak about and never start without having an end in your mind. Read a bit about how SMEs and larger enterprises handle their applications and code deployment, so you have plenty of data on how others…

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service(SaaS) is one of the most dominant services in the field of cloud computing. The present decade has seen an exponential increase in these services. SaaS is used for many applications like messaging, accounting, business processing, big data analysis, etc. To put it simply, even an application running on a smartphone is in itself a SaaS product!.

In SaaS, a software vendor hosts his/her applications via the internet and other cloud-based services. …

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